Artspace is a group of local practising artists in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England.
'Difference' exhibition - August 2003
Charnwood Museum - Loughborough, Leicestershire.

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General view of the exhibition in the Charnwood Museum.

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Exhibition preview evening - Friday 8th August.

Exhibiting Artists:

More than twenty members of ArtSpace, Loughborough's professional artists' group, exhibited paintings, collages, drawings, sculpture and digital compositions in the Museum's main gallery.

Paul Gent based his work on derelict cities in the world's trouble spots. His evocative models reflect the different communities who carry on their lives in the ruins left by war and strife. Mary Byrne's work is inspired by an old photograph of a Nottingham convict viewed straight on and in a mirror. The image in the mirror however is different.

Erica Middleton explores rich texture and tone through different oil painting techniques, while Sally Chisholm's work is concerned with pattern and colour. Jeremy Lewis Cope explores the different states of matter in his painting 'Quasar: Being and Nothingness'.

Sculptor Sarah Spencer has produced a beautiful wooden organic form titled 'Allium', while Jemma Rix examines the different stages of plant life in a series of drawings. Jenny Clarke draws on her work in the world of tattooing in a light-hearted photomontage.

Kevin Ryan reflects on the way the public view art work, and are in turn viewed by surveillance systems in his work relating to previous ArtSpace exhibitions.

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