Artspace is a group of local practising artists
in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England.

'Reveal' exhibition

August 2002 - Second venue:
from Saturday 3rd August to Sunday 1st September.
Charnwood Museum
Loughborough, England.

reveal5.jpg -

reveal4.jpg -.

Preview evening 2nd August: Richard King (Arts officer, Cultural Services, Charnwood Borough Council) declares the 'Reveal' exhibition open.

reveal1.jpg -

reveal2.jpg -.

reveal3.jpg -.

On Saturday afternoon, 3rd August, the Mayor Cllr. Debbie Green arranged to take a party of her senior colleagues and some council officers to our exhibition. They were hosts to a party of guests from the Charnwood Council twin towns and community links in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and India.

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reveal6.jpg - Paintinting Christopher English

reveal12.jpg - Art work by Christine Nelson.

reveal13.jpg - Painting by Erica Middleton

reveal14.jpg - Painting by Helen Ward.

reveal18.jpg - Artwork by Jackie Vickerstaff.

reveal21.jpg - Artwork by Jennifer Eden.

reveal22.jpg - Artwork by Jenny Clarke.

reveal23.jpg - Artwork by John Saunders.

reveal26.jpg - Artwork by Judith Eason.

reveal29.jpg - Photograph by Kevin Ryan.

reveal30.jpg - Photograph by Kevin Ryan.

reveal31.jpg - Artwork by Kim Mason.

reveal32.jpg - Artwork by .

reveal36.jpg - Artwork by Nita Rao .

reveal37.jpg - Art work by Paul Gent.

reveal41.jpg - Art work by Sally Chisholm.

reveal42.jpg - Artwork by Sarah Spencer.

reveal48.jpg - Artwork by Susan Clews.

reveal40.jpg - Dominoes by Purnima Chavda .

Exhibiting Artists:
  • Christine Nelson
  • Christopher English
  • Erica Middleton
  • Helen Ward
  • Jackie Vickerstaff
  • John Saunders
  • Judith Eason
  • Jennifer Eden
  • Jenny Clarke
  • Kevin Ryan
  • Kim Mason
  • Mary Byrne
  • Nita Rao
  • Paul Gent
  • Purnima Chavda
  • Sally Chisholm
  • Sarah Spencer
  • Susan Clews

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Photographs of 'DECEIVE''exhibition'

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