Artspace is a group of local practising artists
in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England.

Artists Mentor/advisor seminars and Artists Talks day for the Artspace 'DECEIVE' AND 'REVEAL' exhibitions June/July and August 2002

Artspace asked the following people to
act as a mentor to Artspace and its' members:

[Eileen Cooper] [Kate Brindley]
[Pete Mosley] [David Mower]

Eileen Cooper
(famous painter and Royal Academician)

Kate Brindley - BA Dip AGMS AMA Visual Arts
Curator (Head of Wolverhampton Arts/Museums)

Pete Mosley
(freelance consultant to arts organisations)
UMBRELLA for arts organisations and artists.

David Mower
(ex- Head of Contextual Studies at LUSAD).

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Eileen Cooper (RA) visits the gallery
on artist talks day.

Eileen Cooper is a painter, a Royal Academician with an international reputation. She is widely experienced in teaching art at all levels. Eileen made two whole day visits, one to each exhibition, with one-to-one appointments with artists to discuss their work. On her first visit Eileen Cooper came to the gallery on Monday 1st July. This happened to coincide with 'artists' talks'( artists speaking about their own art work to an audience) As the photograpths show, crits took place separately & privately whilst artspace members gave their talk. Eileen will provide a brief written statement to be used as foreword in next year's catalogue.

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Kate Brindley - BA Dip AGMS AMA
Visual Arts Curator
(Head of Wolverhampton Arts/Museums)

Kate Brindley came on 25th June. She saw the exhibition privately for accessment purposes. She came again on 2nd July & did 1:1 discussion sessions with artspace members about their own work. Providing a seminar late afternoon, on aspects of curatorship, particularly with reference to presenting work to galleries.

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Pete Mosley -


Pete Mosley does several Question and Answer seminars(developmental meetings) throughout the exhibition at the gallery for the whole group. He is a freelance consultant to arts organisations. Among other things he helped set up the East Midlands Arts mentoring programme. He should be well placed to help us discuss our future as an arts group.

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David Mower
David Mower who trained at the Courtauld Institute was formerly the Head of Contextual Studies at Loughborough University School of Art and Design. He has written a book on Gaudi. David will make seven half day visits for one-to-one contact with artists (sculptors in particular) some during the two exhibitions, some later in the year. He will give two illustrated talks in the autumn

Exhibiting Artists:

Photographs of 'DECEIVE''exhibition'

Photographs of the 'REVEAL' exhibition

Photographs and details of art workshops


Map showing the two different locations of the 'Deceive' exhibition
and 'Reveal' exhibition venues


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