Witches nose Workshop
by pupils at Ibstock Community School for
Witches and Warlocks

South Croxton Arts Festival
August Bank Holiday 2002
Photographs and details:

In preparation for the 'Witches and Warlocks' sculpture trail, Jenny Clarke led two art sessions for year 6 pupils at Ibstock Community School.

The pupils made their own interpretation of 'a witches nose' from different forms of papier mache or clay. These were later enthusiastically decorated with paint, false hair, and various unpleasant representations of warts, growths and drips.

The students were fantastic, persisting in solving the technical difficulties of producing long pointy noses, and striving to make their finished results varied and original.

After the sessions Jenny assembled the work into 'The Witch Hunter's Trophy Board', which stood proud in the middle of the village and was admired by the thousands of visitors to the arts festival.

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The Witch hunter's
Trophies board






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