Artspace Colour pigment workshop

Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall Annexe

This was a very successful event
paspel making demonstrations & paint making workshop
Sunday 26th April 05.
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The Pigments Workshop took place 24.4.05. Nine participants learnt about the nature of pigments, which originate from plant, animal, rock and chemical sources, before watching demonstrations on how to make artists' materials. They then experimented making egg tempera (using real eggs), oil paints (using linseed oil), watercolour (using gum arabic solution) and distemper (using rabbit skin glue). Chalk pastels were also made from pigments, whiting and gum arabic solution. The results displayed very pure vibrant colours in a wide variety of materials. When earth colours are used, media can be made comparatively cheaply for a vastly superior product than commercially produced equivalents. Moreover, media can be adjusted to suit individual requirements, for example ten different tints of cobalt blue pastels can easily be made, or very stiff oil paint can be made simply by adding a high proportion of pigment to the oil binder (rather than adding whiting or marble dust to conventional tube paint, which reduces the colour vibrancy.) It is the potential for individuality and refinement which is the overriding advantage of working with raw pigments to make your own artists materials.

Artspace is a group of local practising artists in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England.

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