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ARTSPACE is a non-profit making voluntary Art group, formed in Loughborough in July 1997, whose main purpose is to unite artists from the area into a coherent and contemporary voice, with aims to raise the profile both of group members’ work and of those who work within the arts in and around Loughborough. The artists work in a diverse range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, print, photography, and textiles.

ARTSPACE is a resource to its members as well as to the wider community. Through networking and skills-share we create opportunities and impetus for artists to develop and make new work

ARTSPACE has been involved in community workshops with diverse groups, public art projects, exhibitions and other events. Through professional publicity and marketing of events, we allow a wide audience access and enjoyment of the arts

The general aims and objectives of ArtSpace are:

  • to unite local, practising artists and develop a network within the region to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, skills and opportunities.

  • to use the collective potential of a group to generate new opportunities and larger projects for individual artists to take part in.

  • to provide a forum for local, practising artists to share, discuss and develop their creative ideas with other practising artists.

  • to raise the profile of the group and its members within the region through exhibitions, community based art projects and workshops, and other events.

  • to increase the number and range of people experiencing and participating in the arts, particularly through the removal of physical and attitudinal barriers.

  • to encourage collaborative work/projects with other organisations when that work is to the mutual advantage of both parties and in the interest of the development of the arts within the region.

  • 'DECEIVE AND REVEAL Exhibitions: July and August 2002.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Richard King
    Charnwood Borough Council

    'Personal Views' exhibition, 2002.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Susan J Fell BSc MA AMA

    'BIG' exhibition, June 2001.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Kevin Ryan

    'On the threshold' exhibition, June/July 2000.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Dr Colin Rhodes

    This is the third year that Loughborough University School of Art and Design’s Generator Gallery has played host to Artspace, a group of locally based artists who have come together to present a unified voice in north Leicestershire. Founded in 1997, the success of their first group exhibition, ‘Innerspace/Outerspace’ in summer 1998, has led to a continued development and maturation of the practice of its members and stands as a signal point for the diverse community activities which are a defining feature of Artspace’s raison d’ętre. Taking ‘On the Threshold’ as a theme, the sixteen active members of Artspace have responded to this suggestive title in a range of sometimes challenging, but always compelling and contemporary ways. Utilising a wide spectrum of media, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, textiles and collage, they once again bring to the people of Charnwood, as well as visitors from further afield a coherent and satisfying experience of art now. It is tremendously important that the arts in this area, nestled as it is between two neighbouring cities, have a voice. Charnwood Arts has an important part to play in this, as does the University. In addition, the existence of a group like Artspace offers visibility for its members through mutual support and unification of its activities, as well as providing a platform through which accrued knowledge and expertise can be shared with others in the community at a more hands-on level through workshops and other sessions. We should not forget that ‘On the Threshold’ is the showpiece of activities that have been taking place over the last twelve months, punctuating work which is ongoing, and providing us, the viewers, with the privilege of enjoying and supporting publicly the fruits of some of that labour.

    Dr Colin Rhodes

    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Mary Byrne
    'On the threshold' exhibition, June/July 2000

    I have been asked to say something more personal about Artspace. I have belonged to Artspace for the past 3 years. The members, all Loughborough-based and mostly graduates of Loughborough College of Art, practise a wide range of art activities and have an even wider range of activities to support them financially. We have painters, printmakers, textile artists, sculptors and a photographer. These people are also teachers, art workshop organisers, a note-taker, garden centre workers, a secretary, a greetings card designer, a CD cover designer, a cleaner, and a welder. It says much for the dedication of creative artists that they persevere in spite of being unable in Britain, outside London, to make a complete living from their art. ArtSpace has been fundamental in providing information, support, encouragement and advice for what can be a lonely activity. We have also broadened our community development. You can find us in the Leicester Arts Directory, and we had an information exhibition about our group and its work in Loughborough Library in February. We have more members this year - word gets around. We hope to set up a Web Page to extend ourselves further and to connect us with local organisations such as Charnwood Arts, Charnwood Borough Council and the Library. We were very pleased to receive a grant from the Lottery Millennium Festival ‘Awards for All’ and from Charnwood Borough Council’s Arts Development Scheme to support our Loughborough exhibition this year. We would also like to thank Loughborough University for its generous loan of the gallery. The artists have contributed in their own unique ways to ‘On the Threshold’. We hope you find their work interesting and thought-provoking.

    Mary Byrne

    'Out of Time' exhibition, June/July 1999.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Professor Peter Wheeler

    'INNERSPACE/OUTERSPACE' exhibition, June 1998.
    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Dr Colin Rhodes

    Introduction to the exhibition catalogue by Erica Middleton
    'On the threshold' exhibition, June 1998

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