BIG’ exhibition by Loughborough ArtSpace @
'The University Generator Gallery' Loughborough June 2001

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An invited group of artists headed by Kevin Ryan of Charnwood Arts exhibited computer generated projection works in a room alongside the main exhibition. Charnwood Arts set up a multi-media installation exploring Urban and Rural Cultural Identities. Funding for the exhibition 'BIG' was awarded from the Lottery 'Year of the Artist' scheme.

Artists work shown at the exhibition 'BIG'
Generator Galler, Loughborough
June 2001

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    Charnwood Arts:

  • Kevin Ryan
  • Ashok Mistry
  • Bharti Gohil
  • Raman Mandair
  • Sean Clark

We have produced a free catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

Publicity displays of our work were shown in the Loughborough Library and in Loughborough Town Hall just before the opening of the main exhibition.

The exhibition ‘BIG’ was open to the public from Saturday the 9th to the 30th June 2001,

The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Charnwood
at a Private View on Thursday 7th of June. 2001

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Artspace is a group of local practising artists in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England.